Note: this is a complete reference to our REST API. If you're just getting started, we recommend first checking out our main docs.

To communicate with the endpoints, you must first obtain an OAuth 2.0 access token. Supply this token in the authorization header of every request, e.g. "Authorization: Bearer alCLiiDL6tO(...)aJrbV7m5j50DTQ".


Endpoints that let you submit and retrieve orders. When you successfully submit an order, it will also show up in the orders overview in your Print API account. That overview also offers features useful for development, such as simulated status updates. So be sure to check it out!

URI Description
POST orders Place an order for one or more products.
GET orders/{id} Get a single order by ID.
GET orders/{id}/status Get only the status of a single order by ID.
GET orders?offset={offset}&limit={limit} Get all orders, sorted newest to oldest.
GET sync/statuses?since={since} Get all status updates since a specific date/time.


Endpoints that optionally let you utilize the Print API payment screen. This is helpful if you don't have a payment system set up: simply redirect your customer to a payment link provided by Print API. Prices can be configured per product from your Print API account.

URI Description
POST checkout/{code} Set up checkout for an order.
GET checkout/{code} Get the checkout status of an order.
POST coupons/quote Request a quote for a coupon code.


Endpoints that let you retrieve shipping and handling costs. Shipping costs are supplied by our shipping partners: they depend on the weight, dimensions and destination country of the order. Handling costs range from € 0,40 up to € 1,50 depending on the size of the order.

URI Description
POST shipping/quote Request a shipping costs quote.


Endpoints that let you upload print files. Print API supports two ways to supply print files: as a download URL, or via an HTTP POST. If you opt for the latter, the print files must be posted to this resource after an order is submitted.

URI Description
POST files/{code} Upload a print file for an order.


Endpoints that let you retrieve product information. These are intended for syncing Print API product data to your own database. Product specifications, such as print file dimensions and customization options, will not be changed without prior notice.

URI Description
GET products?offset={offset}&limit={limit} Get all products, sorted by name (A-Z).
GET products/{id} Get a single product by ID.